These DLLs were compiled after modifying some files, making them compatible with 0.9.6 aware programs like Proxomitron. All changed files are included with this distribution. The original changes were done by netlaw in June 2003, bringing back OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms. OpenSSL 0.9.8a brought a major change in the way SSL_METHOD is initialized, apparently breaking backwards compatibility again, see: For this reason the included DLLs stick to 0.9.8, but include two security patches, implemented in the official 0.9.8c revision and above: Patch for RSA Signature Forgery. Patch for Potential SSL 2.0 rollback. In case of future major vulnerabilies, if you found a patch from a trusted source, or even a way to make DLL initialization backwards compatible again, you can reach me at configbugs at gmail dot com. Asking someone with profound C++ knowledge may be the better choice tho. ;-) A general description and installation hints are on my SSL download page: -- sidki, Oct 1 2006