How to install the WIP filter MergeMe ===================================== Copy the content of wip.txt to the clipboard (CTRL+A to select all, then CTRL+C). In Proxomitron's main window click "File" -> "Merge config files". In the newly opened "Merge-O-Matic" window tick the "Merge data from clipboard" checkbox. Open the Web Filters window, move the filters shown in red above their previous versions (by using the Cut/Paste buttons on the right), and untick latter. In the Header Filters window all filters are sorted automatically, so you just need to deactivate the old filter versions, above the red ones, if any. Save the config. When merging an updated WIP file using above procedure, all filters that you've merged already will be ignored. Note: The new filter versions will usually only work with the latest config version and require prior installation of the last config update, if any.